SCAM : We have attempted to deliver your package

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So, I received an sms/text and almost fell for it as I was expecting about 5 parcels from overseas.

FROM: +61478903866

We have attempted to deliver your package UPS016448296GB, but there is unpaid customs charge. Follow the instructions here: ( URL link removed)

UPDATE: message may now also appear as:

There is an update on your parcel. Item stopped due to unpaid customs fee. Follow the instructions here:

So, this is what happens when you click the link. Please don’t do it yourself!

If you sign up on your phone, you get a different result – you get directed to a web page that asks you for your address and credit card info and then signs you up for a $3 per month subscription.


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My partners sense of humour – pinned to the dishwasher this morning after I told her last night that I had accidently clicked the link (she was sent the same SMS / TEXT – she wasn’t expecting a package delivery, however!)